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Below are some of the premier iOS apps on which I have been actively involved in developing. Most of the development on the Mobile Agility suite happened while I was employed at Maestro. I was either the primary developer, responsible for all development and architectural decisions, or in the case of Loop, assisted in those responsibilities. 

Flex by Mobile Agility

Flex is a continuous learning application built specifically for developing sales reps. 


While working at Maestro, I was the primary developer of Flex, an app in their Mobile Agility product suite. Flex relies heavily on AFNetworking to consume JSON from both a custom Apex API as well as a custom server solution developed by Maestro for their non customers. CoreData is used for persistence and CoreGraphics along with CoreAnimation are used to provide a custom user experience. I also used ReactiveCocoa to create a composable application architecture.

Loop by Mobile Agility

Loop delivers a streamlined virtual environment for sales personnel to practice sales techniques through sales scenarios and real objections.

Like Flex, Loop supports and custom backend web service JSON API along with CoreData for persistence. Loop also uses the OpenTok SDK to perform live one-on-one video chat. Users can practice their sales techniques with a partner or manager. Additionally, Loop uses the PSPDFKit framework for PDF presentation. Using PSPDFKit's support for annotations allowed us to capture those annotations, and transmit them to the persons partner in real time. So one user could circle a region on their document, and their partner could see that circle drawn in near real time!

Stack by Mobile Agility

Stack allows users to build and share sales presentations. Stack helps sales people to plan content, track sharing, and pre-plan sales calls to enrich the selling experience.

Like Flex and Loop, Stack uses AFNetworking to consume JSON API data from as well as a Maestro developed custom back end API service. CoreData, CoreGraphics, and CoreAnimation in addition to CoreText and other supporting Apple SDK's went into creating Stack. Since all three of these apps perform some very similar functions (consuming web services, authentication, download and presenting media files, etc.) I was able to create reusable components managed by CocoaPods to share code between these apps. As a result, I was able to develop Stack from scratch in only six weeks.

Rainbow Fish by ME

With Rainbow Fish, you'll never be in the dark about your colored pencil supply again!

Are you an artist with a large inventory of colored pencils? Use Rainbow Fish to keep track of your pencil inventory right from your iPhone. Select your pencils, set the minimum amount of supply to keep on hand, and Rainbow Fish does the rest! The Rainbow Fish catalog provides many types of pencils from several popular colored pencil makers. You can search the catalog and view specific details about each pencil, including a color swatch. Having all this pencil information readily available on your iPhone or iPod touch is essential to planning your next project, placing an art supply order or replenishing your pencil stock at the art store.