Norm Barnard Mobile Software Consultancy

iOS app developer

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iOS App Development

I specialize in app development for the iOS platform. This platform includes the iPhone and iPad. I'm also interested in working with clients that require integration with the Apple watch. I have written several apps which interface with servers over the Internet via web services. 

Web Services

In addition to iOS apps, I also have a great deal of experience in developing server side api's and backend database applications. I have used a variety of technologies to implement these applications: Python, PHP, and Microsoft .NET. I am familiar with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server database systems.


I can work with you as the sole developer of your mobile client server application, building both the app and the back end server architecture you require. Likewise, I can work in a staff augmentation role should you need an extra hand in getting your application to production. Additionally, I work with local designers to give your app the necessary polish to give you an app that will make you happy.