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A little bit about my new app, Rainbow Fish


It was nearly two years ago that the idea for Rainbow Fish was born. I was walking to the coffee shop with my wife Amy, and she asks me "You know what would be really handy for me, an app that allows me to keep track of my colored pencils. Do you think you could make one for me?". Being a good husband and wanting a good reason to try out the new development language from Apple, Swift, I said "Sure!".

I started developing the app in earnest around February of 2015. Since I develop apps as my day job, many times the last thing I want to do when I get home as sit at my computer and do more work. As a result, it's taken far longer than I had anticipated to finally ship the app.

After many stops and starts, and after three major revisions to the Swift language, Rainbow Fish is finally available for download!

What is Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish is an app that allows colored pencil artists to easily track their inventory of colored pencils from their iPhone. Catalogs from several major pencil manufacturers such as Derwent, PrismaColor, and Faber-Castell are available from which you can search, browse and if it's a pencil you own, track it by adding it to your inventory. The app really becomes useful when you set a minimum on-hand amount as the app will place number badge on your inventory list for each pencil you have that's below that value. That way, when you're in the art supply store, you'll already know which pencils you need to pick up.

If this app seems useful to you, I would urge you to download a copy from the App Store. It's a free download and the app is free to use. I had fun making it, it's made my wife's life easier, and hopefully it helps you too!

† iPod Touch is also supported.